Discover the distribution and utility of the XON token in the ecosystem.

The distribution of the XON tokens is illustrated in the table below:

Public 25%
XON Team 35%
Community Fund 20%
Expansion Fund 20%

Community Fund

The benefit of a Community Fund is to help the XON ecosystem grow globally by supporting various projects within the XON network. The Community Funds will be used primarily for funding brand new projects and other initiatives voted on by the XON community.

Expansion Fund

The advantage of an Expansion Fund is to increase the global reach of the project and help to increase the value of the XON token in the long term. This fund serves marketing and promotional purposes for the XON Digital Ecosystem, such as covering listing fees for XON on global exchanges, international promotion campaigns, and rewards.

The official addresses involved in the storage and distribution of XON tokens are listed in the table below:

Name Address
Issuer Account rswdYCe1dy1LK2wA1Kcs9j8Za3UupBes3K
Distribution Account rpVhB2Dbs3rHYZA9cDgGzWkLAwid2FX2QK
Warm Wallet rUVW7QWApYRqdcUAwhqD7ZU4W1QnTwLJSr
Community Fund Not Defined
Expansion Fund Not Defined