The utility token of the XON Digital Ecosystem.


Adding Value

Holding XON tokens not only unlocks access to the entire ecosystem but also enhances its overall value.


The holders have early access to the network's products, experiments and events.

XON Token Utility


A limited supply of XON tokens has been released to the public XRP Ledger.

XON Token Supply


XON tokens are tradable in the native decentralized exchanges of XRPL.

XON Token Exchange


XON is a part of the XON Digital Ecosystem, which aims to improve synergy between the physical and digital worlds.

XON Ecosystem

XON apps enable users to control everything related to their identity and property, and manage a root-of-trust without a central authority.


XON is a native token released on the public XRP Ledger with a limited supply. It can be traded on decentralized exchanges.

XRP Ledger

XRP Ledger is capable of settling thousands of transactions within seconds and has a public and decentralized structure.

The Project

Learn more about XON token and the XON Digital Ecosystem.

Ecosystem White Paper

The Token

Everything you need to know about the XON token.


Analysis of the XON token through detailed specifications and numerical data.


Discover the distribution and utility of the XON token in the ecosystem.