Analysis of the XON token through detailed specifications and numerical data.

XON is the native token of the XON Digital Ecosystem. It was created on the XRP Ledger in January 2022, with an initial issuance of 50 million tokens. XON is considered a utility token that represents value and grants access to current and future XON Digital products and services. Additionally, it can be used for cross-currency payments and traded on the native decentralized exchange.

Issuer Account rswdYCe1dy1LK2wA1Kcs9j8Za3UupBes3K
Circulating Supply ~ 5.000.000
Amount Issued 50.000.000
Total Supply
Token Symbol XON
Token Sign
Decimals 15 digits
QR Code (Issuer Account) QR Code of Issuer Account of XON Token

Issuer Account

XON Tokens are created by an issuer account on the XRPL. The issuer account holds the total supply of the tokens and is responsible for issuing new tokens and burning existing tokens as needed.

In order to hold a fungible token on the XRPL, an account must establish a Trust Line with the issuer account. The Trust Line allows the account to hold and transfer the token, and can be modified or revoked by the account holder at any time.

As with any XRPL Standard token, XON is tracked through these bidirectional relationships (Trust Lines) between accounts (Issuer and Holder). In order to hold and trade the XON token, you need to create a Trust Line with the Issuer Account.

Circulating Supply

Circulating Supply is a term used to refer to the amount of XON tokens that are currently in circulation and available for trading on the XRP Ledger. It represents the total supply of tokens that have been issued, minus any tokens that have been burned, locked, or held in reserve by the Issuer Account.

The circulating supply of XON tokens is important because it helps to determine the token's market capitalization and its overall value. The more tokens that are in circulation, the more available they are for trading, which can impact the price and liquidity of the token.

For example, if XON has a total supply of 1 billion tokens, but 500 millions tokens are held in reserve by the issuer, and other 100 millions tokens have been burned or locked, then the circulating supply of the token would be 400 millions tokens.

The circulating supply of XON tokens can change over time as tokens are issued, burned, locked, or held in reserve. However, in the case of XON tokens, it can never exceed its total liquidity (1 Billion). It's important for investors and traders to keep track of the circulating supply of a token to better understand its value and market dynamics.

Amount Issued

Amount Issued refers to the total number of tokens that have been created and issued by the XON Issuer Account on the XRPL. This includes all tokens that have been issued, even if they are not currently in circulation.

The amount issued is an important metric for understanding the total supply of a token and its potential future value. It can also impact the token's market capitalization and overall price.

For example, if the XON Issuer Account creates a total of 1 billions tokens, but only issues 50 millions of those tokens, then the amount issued would be 50 million tokens.

Total Supply

The total supply of XON tokens is fixed at a maximum limit (1 Billion), meaning that no more XON tokens will ever be created beyond this limit.

Token Symbol

Fungible tokens on the XRPL are identified by a three-letter currency code, similar to fiat currencies. The code is used to uniquely identify the token and differentiate it from other currencies on the ledger.

Token Sign

This is simply the logo that represents the XON token in the XON Digital ecosystem ().


Decimals refer to the number of decimal places used to represent XON token's value. XON tokens has 15 decimals, then the token's value can be represented with 15 decimal places, such as 0,123451234512345 XON.